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We're Here to Improve Lives.

Strengthening the health and lives of East Harlem families.

LSA Family Health Service, 'The Little Sisters,' a neighborhood-based nonprofit, delivers a holistic model of human services to the underserved, marginalized, and poorest families in East Harlem through home visits, on site services, support groups, classes and more, so they can achieve the wellness and strength they need to move forward.

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Our Board member is competing<br />
in the 2014 NYC Triathlon

Our Board member is competing
in the 2014 NYC Triathlon

to help LSA.

The rest is up to you.


The Impact of Poverty on Health

LSA’s Holistic Approach to Family Health

Why East Harlem?

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DATELINE ASTHMA EXCLUSIVE: Holt and Lopez at Home with Melanie and Mason

What's New

Wall Street Journal Reports on Gathering of East Harlem Gas Explosion Survivors

Wall Street Journal Reports on Gathering of East Harlem Gas Explosion Survivors

Survivors of the tragic East Harlem gas explosion gathered at LSA for a reception and donation from Tahl Properties.


WPIX News Features LSA on the Costs of Asthma for NYC

The high rate of asthma in poor and low income neighborhoods like East Harlem, is costing millions.


Environmental Health and Family Asthma program on Dateline!

We've worked with Dateline NBC for two years to help them investigate how disadvantaged families are impacted by asthma because of their building conditions - like mold.


"Gabi, The Girl Who Lived"

VIDEO: Watch how LSA improves the lives of the most vulnerable children in East Harlem. f


LSA's latest report on the East Harlem Relief Effort